Now that Easter has gone (along with most of the candy..Finally) it’s time to get rid of this carb-induced puffines.  I am at a stage where I am not embarassed for people to see me without a shirt anymore.  I used to not even go shirtless in my own house!  I am at the point where I have to get really serious to lose those small “trouble spots” on the lower back,  just below the armpit, and abs.  When I’m in a glycogen depleted state I look pretty lean (not Leonidas yet, lol) but when I’m carbed up I feel like I still weigh around 210 lbs.  All those trouble spots seem to swell ala the Nutty Professor (at least they look that way to me, the wife heartily disagrees bless her heart).  That of course can set off the whole “what am I bothering for, I blew my whole diet” B.S. that strikes us all from time to time.

So I’m crawling back on that horse. Monday started it off with an unintentional fast.  I had stayed home to help my sickly wife tend to our baby, but instead ended up continuing the war I had waged all weekend against a sudden infestation of ticks in our yard.  Before I knew it,  4 p.m. rolled around and I had to make a run to the store for soup for the sickly wife.  I asked if there was anything else, hoping that she might want ice cream (I wanted ice cream) but she is serious about getting her baby weight off, so no dice.

So I went to the store in the worst possible state – hungry.  I got her soup, and behind me was all the really good ramen noodles (the kind with all the words in Korean or Japanese) that I used to love.  I almost bought one, but  fought off the voices.  Then I passed the ice cream case, and wouldn’t you know, the Butterfinger ice cream was on special.  I stood at that case for a looong time before deciding it would be unfair to my wife for me to eat ice cream in front of her.

Now I was really hungry, and as I turned a corner the devil poked me again – 2 for 1 bags of Doritos.  There was no way I was walking out of the store without something to snack on!  I searched frantically for something, anything that I wouldn’t feel guilty for eating.  A light shone down from above onto the cold meat case and there they were, 5 oz. Portuguese sausages for a buck a piece!  Hallelujah! It’s amazing that just picking them up made my food cravings subside.  I had about 2 oz. for my snack that evening, cut up with some chedder cheese and Spanish olives.  Delicious!

Yesterday was leftover taco meat for lunch and my wife’s awesome mexican shredded chicken (really! She got the recipe from her friend who’s from Mexico).  It’s just chicken, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cerrano chiles.  We ate them in a bowl with some shredded cheese.   Later was more sausage and cheese.   Today it’s a fast until dinner.  Until next time!