That’s how much I lost off of my waist and my neck during Lent.  But my bicep remained the same and I lost 4 pounds, so that’s not too bad –  especially since the only resolution I managed to stick to was the fasting and exercise!  Diet was pretty sporadic, I admit.  I was rock solid out at sea, then spent the next two weeks eating ice cream, cake, chips, and drinking a good bit of red wine.  Still, I am down to 189 from 193 despite the fact that I’m still carbed up from nibbling on the remnants of the Easter candy.  I wish I had the dedication of a SoG, but as long as I continue to trend downward, I’m not concerned.

My wife is gearing up to start really shedding her baby weight, so there should be a lot less of the tempting items around the house in the near future.  The last time we got serious together we both lost a ton of weight (and she got a baby, lol).