The always interesting Son of Grok posted a bit on reprogramming your “food recognition software” and it reminded me of something that happened just the other day.

We were out celebrating my son’s first place finish in his Cub Scout pack’s Pinewood Derby races, and decided to get some Ben & Jerry’s pints.  My son picked out “Cinnamon Buns” because he thought it sounded good.  We got home and he dug into his pint.  After about 6 spoonfuls he put it back in the fridge.  We asked how it was, and he replied “It’s too sweet!”.  Really? Too sweet?  I didn’t think such a thing was possible for a kid!  Then my wife told me that while I was gone she had made pancakes for my son, but had run out of maple syrup.  We had a little bit of the HFCS Log cabin stuff hanging out in the fridge so she gave him that.  Apparently he could barely stomach it!  Just over a year ago he expressed dissapointment at the real maple syrup we were now buying because it wasn’t sweet enough.  Reprogramming the software, indeed!