I just watched a little video Dr. Dan put up on At Darwin’s Table about digestion. It’s funny because I just did a little research on digestion recently. A co-worker looked at my big bowl of salmon and sardines, which had about 55 g of protein, and said

“You know, your body can only absorb 15 g of protein in a sitting”,

to which I quickly replied “B.S!” I felt compelled to show him proof anyway, just for his own benefit (and mine).  A little digging found that animal protein (meat) is absorbed at a rate of 10-15 grams per hour. Since it takes around 4 hours or so for food to pass through the small intestine, my meal was broken down just fine! It is amazing how much misinformation gets passed by word of mouth, and how much gets blindly accepted in an age where accurate information is only a click away.

Note: I’m still feeling under the weather.  I haven’t eaten anything but a small bowl of chicken broth and green tea in the past 37 hours.  I was hoping a fast would knock this sucker out before it gained momentum, but while I don’t really feel worse, I don’t feel much better either.  I’m going to skip the weights today and eat some light meals.  Tomorrow I should be sleeping in my own bed, so that should help.  Until next time!