Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I should be a bit more regular once I hit dry land again!  I’ve been tracking my food, so I should have some caloric and macro-nutrient breakdowns when my web access isn’t so restricted.

Just wanted to relate my experience yesterday during my workout.  I have modified the workout from Gym Junkies a little, turning the whole thing into a superset.  Yesterday’s workout for example was Dumbbell squats (30# ea x 8 reps) straight to bench press (#13 on the weight stack, don’t know how much weight, but it’s challenging without blowing any blood vessels) x 8, then lat pulldowns (same weight) x 8 reps.  Rest 1 min in between rounds.  I usually knock out five rounds in just under 15 minutes, which leaves me out of breath and fatigued in a good way.  Yesterday I was hurting on the third round, and on the fourth I could barely hold the dumbbells at my shoulders for the squats.  I struggled through (even had to reduce the weight for bench and lat pulls), and called it quits after that round.

Now there are other factors here, namely the ships rocking makes every movement harder.  Sometimes the weight gets real heavy on the left, sometimes the right… It’s a constant, fatiguing balancing act.  I’ve also been working out every other day, a total of five workouts in nine days.  Despite this I am sure the biggest reason is that I have followed a very strict ketogenic diet out here.  I have only eaten fish, meat, dairy, olives, olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Throw in the fasts I did as well and it’s easy to see that I am finally depleted of glycogen.  My muscles don’t feel sore as if I’ve been overtraining, and they shouldn’t since I’ve actually only done a total of an hour and 15 minutes worth of actual weight training!  Now begins the real business of fat burning.  I was tempted to eat a few more carbs after yesterday to support the training, but then I reminded myself that the weight training was the tool, not the goal.  The weights are there to remind my body to hold on to my lean mass as I shift deeper into fat-burning mode.  It is really hard to shake the “get bigger muscles” mentality that had a hold of me for so long.

So I will rest tonight and hit the weights again tomorrow.  I think the combination of cold dry recycled air, a woeful lack of sunlight, and several sick crewmembers, have conspired to give me a sore throat and mild (so far) sinus infection.  So I’m not real hungry and may just stick to green tea with lemon for the night.  Go immune system!