Well, today was the first day. Being Ash Wednesday it was a day of fasting and no meat, so I just had a cup of coffee in the morning.  I didn’t eat anything until around 6:30 P.M.  when I had some egg salad and a small green salad with EVOO & balsamic vinegar.  Easily under 1,000 Kcal for the day.

Now I should say that as I don’t regularly eat grains or sweets and do an 18-20 hour fast most weeks, the real “challenge” for me is giving up cheat days, wine, and cheese.  And right now I am really missing my glass of burgundy and plate of cheese while I unwind before bed.  I’m not so much hungry as I am craving that comfortable little routine.

As promised, here are some starting numbers:

Height – 5′ 10.5″

Weight – 193 lbs

Waist – 36.5″ (measured at navel)

Neck – 16.5″ (measured below the larynx)

Biceps – 14.5″

Estimated BF% – 19.1%

We’ll see how a month+ of fasting, weight lifting, and a dairy, alcohol, sugar, and cheat free diet affect my body composition!  I have a hunch……