OK, OK, so it’s not that bad.  I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed in at 191.2 lbs.  Good news, right?  Problem is, since my daughter was born a week ago today I have lost just over 3 lbs.

Now I normally don’t stress too much about a low calorie intake.  Rusty @ Fitness Black Book did a great article on the preservation of lean mass on very low cal diets.  Problem is the key to keeping lean mass is resistance training, and I have not been doing anything the past week, so I’m pretty sure that some of that weight was muscle 😦  I went back to doing my morning pushups today and I was noticeably weaker.  If I had been resting and eating properly that week off should have made my set easier.  My chinups also suffered, and I was forced to kick my legs on the last three reps.

So today begins a rededication to my daily exercise, though I can guarantee I won’t be improving my sleep pattern anytime soon.  I’m also making a point to up my calories, particularly protein. Today I ate almost a pound of leftover shredded chicken for tacos (no tortilla, of course) for lunch.

On a happy note, I calculated my Body Fat percentage using Hugo Rivera’s Body Fat Calculator over at Dave Draper’s website and came in at 22.7, down about 3% from January.  I’ve also lost an inch off of my waist.  I don’t obsess over my BF%, but it is a useful tool to remind me that there is work to be done yet.  I think I look pretty good now but still have a lot of stubborn fat on my pecs, under my armpits, the small of my back, and obliques.  The measurement is accurate to +/- 3% (hope it’s erring to the high side, lol) making it almost as good and a hell of a lot cheaper than a Tanita scale.

And I wanted to send a big Mahalo (thank you) to Dr. Dan @ At Darwin’s Table for all of the referrals!