I Want Your Poo!

I Want Your Poo!

My cable provider recently added BBC America to the line-up, so I have no idea how old alot of the shows on there are, but they’re new to me (except Monty Python :D) . Despite the fact that I have like 700 channels, there are inevitable periods when there is just NOTHING on.  And, just as inevitably, during that period BBC America broadcasts You Are What You Eat with Gillian McKeith.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with her, but for those who aren’t, she goes to the houses of obese people, examines their feces, and gives them outdated dietary advice.  My wife and I jokingly refer to her as “that shriveled, poo-sniffing hobbit lady”.  I really for the life of me don’t know why she loves poo so much, I mean, it’s obvious these people are unhealthy – they’re obese.  And I can tell what they eat by observing as it goes in, no post-digestion analysis required.  But I digress…

I have a love-hate kinda thing with this show.  I love that she is getting these people off of the processed carbs, sugary drinks, and excessive alcohol consumption.  I hate that she rails against fat and red meat.  My wife hates that I rail against her railing every time we watch together.  There is no way that most of these people stick to her diet.  Just looking at her depressing table full of beans and greens makes me sympathize with the moans of her “patients”.  Time and again, they say the same thing – this food is so bland.  Duh, fat tastes good.  I’ve done the low fat thing, and it sucked. Of course, they always lose a little weight. In fact, they all seem to lose exactly “2 stone”.  Water weight from reducing sugar, anyone?

I am sure she follows her own advice.  I am also sure that following her own anti-meat / fat advice is why at age 50 she looks more like 70 with no muscle tone to speak of.

I believe that instead of “You Are What You Eat”, you should “Eat What You Are”.  And, correct me if I’m wrong here, we are all made up of red meat and fat.