Well, my baby girl is back from the hospital (and my son has obviously spilled something on the keyboard because typing is wearing out my fingers….) and she is adorable.


I have been going non-stop since 2:40 AM last Thursday, but I would be lying if I said it bothered me!

I had planned to keep a photo log of the meals I had during our time in the hospital, but after two meals that – and my good eating habits, went right out the window.  I am thankful for paleo and fasting, as I never even got hungry until mid-afternoon that first day.  Having a child just kicks in the fight or flight response that served our ancestors so well. My wife had to kick me out of the room to feed myself, and throughout our stay I only ate when I was absolutely starving.

I managed to find some paleo friendly fare in the cafeteria.  I had some Huli-Huli chicken and a salad.  Huli-Huli is best described as a cross between teriyaki and barbecue – a sweet glaze with some asian and island flavors.


I didn’t eat again until around 10:30 P.M.  And yes, I know that I can control what I eat, but there was nothing good in the cafeteria so I headed to Zippy’s (Hawaii’s answer to Denny’s) and got my favorite cheat meal – the Chicken/Chili Mix plate with fries.  Thus began the slow slide……


The next day it was 4 hard boiled eggs for lunch, and a hospital provided chicken cordon-bleu with cheesecake and a can of colored sugar water for dinner.  Saturday it was 2 pieces of fried hospital chicken my wife didn’t want, some beef jerky, and some scrambled eggs around 11 P.M.  My wife was discharged, but the baby had to stay a couple more days, so Sunday it was all fast food as we were doing feedings every three hours.  Lunch was a huge chunk of focaccia bread with a meager piece of turkey topped off with a double scoop of Hagen-Dazs, followed by a mexican combo plate of beef burrito, chicken chimichanga, and a chili relleno, and two mugs of Gordon Biersch Marzen (and yes I ate all of the beans and rice.)Monday she came home so it was back to normal for me.  Turkey and swiss roll-up for lunch and a ribeye steak with carrots and brocolli for dinner.

Now here’s the cool part..

I weighed myself this morning and was amazed that despite the carb loading, I had LOST a pound!  I guess that’s the IF on Crap phenomenon that Mike @ TheIFlife talks about.  Not ideal, but it works.  But then again I was running full bore on two meals a day and almost no sleep.  I can forgive myself a little indulgence 😉