The Way of Peace

I say that because I don’t really “work out”.  I just kind of exercise.  I owe a lot to Mark Sisson and Rusty Moore.  Rusty got me out of the “get huge” mindset, and Mark made me realize that exercise needn’t be so damn complicated.

The bulk of my exercise comes from two, one-hour long sessions of karate training a week.  I do these with my son.  It’s great for his physical and mental development, and it is an awesome bonding experience (and I always wanted to take karate but my parents wouldn’t let me).  Martial arts training when done with maximum effort is a frickin’ butt kicker ( In the future I’ll post some sample exercises that will send you to bed hurting).  It is pretty much the only “cardio” I do, and it’s pretty much HIIT – fast bouts of punching, kicking, blocking, and sparring with very brief rest periods.

Aside from karate, I try to walk a few times a week.  I usually walk about 3.5 miles on these walks, shirtless whenever possible (gotta get that “D”).  I have recently started doing a few quick exercises, also:

30 pushups – on my bedroom floor before I get dressed

7 chin-ups – I rigged a bar at work.  I do these real quick while the coffee is brewing

10 chair dips – whenever I feel like it

15 – 20 SLOOOOOOW bodyweight squats – whenever (usually NOT on karate days – quads hurt enough those days)

6 wide grip pull-ups – before I leave for the day

planks – before bed, if I remember

It’s not much, I’ll admit, but the mistake I have made OVER & OVER is jumping headfirst into a tough routine and quitting after two weeks of muscle agony/ joint injury.  So I’m going slow this time. On some days I’ll do extra sets if I’m feeling it, some days I do nothing.  But my muscles are HARD.  All the time.  I add reps every week or so, so strength is improving, without any soreness (big plus).  Right now I’m just trying to build a foundation after a long layoff from resistance training.  I’ll stick to this for another month probably, then see about stepping up a bit.

What are you doing right now?