Well, I ended up fasting AGAIN yesterday, though unintentionally.  I forgot to eat my leftover chicken before church, and then we went shopping for baby stuff downtown.  Ended up not eating until 3:30 pm or so….

Dinner was at Gordon Biersch in Aloha Tower Marketplace.  I had a chopped salad and a cup of lobster bisque.  The bisque was creamy and delicious.  I took my time and savored every spoonful!

I had not intended to drink anything, but almost out of habit I ordered a Blonde Bock.  It tasted so good I had another.  I figured 2 beers wouldn’t kill me, and I was such a good boy in avoiding those damn garlic fries that everyone else was enjoying.  Oh well, between the two, at least I got a buzz off of the beer 😀

Today I finished off the fried chicken (3 pieces) for lunch, and had a great ribeye w/ butter and some green beans.