January 2009

So you’ve seen my “workout”, now what did I eat today?

I don’t usually eat breakfast, just black coffee in the A.M.  For lunch I polished off a rotisserie chicken carcass left over from last night –

yumMmmmm. Carcass.

I should have flipped it over, but it consisted of both wings, 1 whole leg, some breast meat, and all that juicy fatty back meat that you only get on a whole bird.  I waited until my co-workers had finished their lunches to spare them the sight of me tearing into it with my bare hands.  The vultures went hungry today –

image004I took a cue from Dr. Dan, the author of At Darwin’s Table, and went after some of the marrow at the ends of the bones, as well as crunching up those soft, tasty little vertebrae. Barbaric, indeed!

Dinner came around 6:00 P.M.  I wasn’t all that hungry after the midday feast, but my wife had made a pot roast with carrots.  I can’t resist anything cooked all day in a Crock-Pot, and I know I’m not alone!

image006I ate one of the meat chunks and an ample healping of carrots.  I typically drink only water with my meals, in case you were wondering.  All in all a good day of eating!



The Way of Peace

I say that because I don’t really “work out”.  I just kind of exercise.  I owe a lot to Mark Sisson and Rusty Moore.  Rusty got me out of the “get huge” mindset, and Mark made me realize that exercise needn’t be so damn complicated.

The bulk of my exercise comes from two, one-hour long sessions of karate training a week.  I do these with my son.  It’s great for his physical and mental development, and it is an awesome bonding experience (and I always wanted to take karate but my parents wouldn’t let me).  Martial arts training when done with maximum effort is a frickin’ butt kicker ( In the future I’ll post some sample exercises that will send you to bed hurting).  It is pretty much the only “cardio” I do, and it’s pretty much HIIT – fast bouts of punching, kicking, blocking, and sparring with very brief rest periods.

Aside from karate, I try to walk a few times a week.  I usually walk about 3.5 miles on these walks, shirtless whenever possible (gotta get that “D”).  I have recently started doing a few quick exercises, also:

30 pushups – on my bedroom floor before I get dressed

7 chin-ups – I rigged a bar at work.  I do these real quick while the coffee is brewing

10 chair dips – whenever I feel like it

15 – 20 SLOOOOOOW bodyweight squats – whenever (usually NOT on karate days – quads hurt enough those days)

6 wide grip pull-ups – before I leave for the day

planks – before bed, if I remember

It’s not much, I’ll admit, but the mistake I have made OVER & OVER is jumping headfirst into a tough routine and quitting after two weeks of muscle agony/ joint injury.  So I’m going slow this time. On some days I’ll do extra sets if I’m feeling it, some days I do nothing.  But my muscles are HARD.  All the time.  I add reps every week or so, so strength is improving, without any soreness (big plus).  Right now I’m just trying to build a foundation after a long layoff from resistance training.  I’ll stick to this for another month probably, then see about stepping up a bit.

What are you doing right now?


I see this all the time, and it drives me NUTS!  People who are 30 or more pounds overfat jogging in sauna suits.  I’m the kind of person who never laughs at an overweight person exercising.  Heck, at least they’re trying.  And I know how it feels to be that fatty puffing down the road.  But the sauna suit kills me.  The sight of these people panting in the Hawaii sun, sweat pouring down their bright red faces, makes me want to find the guy at the sporting goods store that let them walk out with that glorified trash bag and tell him what’s up.

I know, they are intended for hardcore athletes who need to drop water to make weight for whatever sport they are in.  And yes, they work great for that.  But for someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of weight loss, or the difference between water weight and fat, these things are just dangerous.  Dehydrating yourself when you are already obviously not in the best health to begin with?  So you can jump on the scale after your death-march and say “Woo-Hoo! I lost 5 pounds!”, then wake up the next morning just as heavy as you were before and start all over.  I feel bad for these people because they need direction, and they just aren’t going to get that if their primary info source is gimmick marketers.

Wanna lose water weight?  Cut your carb intake for a few days.  Beats the hell out of hour a day of Hefty bag torture.

Well, I ended up fasting AGAIN yesterday, though unintentionally.  I forgot to eat my leftover chicken before church, and then we went shopping for baby stuff downtown.  Ended up not eating until 3:30 pm or so….

Dinner was at Gordon Biersch in Aloha Tower Marketplace.  I had a chopped salad and a cup of lobster bisque.  The bisque was creamy and delicious.  I took my time and savored every spoonful!

I had not intended to drink anything, but almost out of habit I ordered a Blonde Bock.  It tasted so good I had another.  I figured 2 beers wouldn’t kill me, and I was such a good boy in avoiding those damn garlic fries that everyone else was enjoying.  Oh well, between the two, at least I got a buzz off of the beer 😀

Today I finished off the fried chicken (3 pieces) for lunch, and had a great ribeye w/ butter and some green beans.


I’m about 20 hours into a fast and I feel great.  Went for a bike ride with the boy for about an hour, then did some pushups (regular & hindu), bodyweight squats, and laid down for a few.

I broke my fast around 4:30 pm at Zippy’s with a plate of roast pork and tossed salad for a side.  Then I took home a 9-piece bucket of their unbeatable fried chicken to munch on while I watched the Affliction MMA show.  I was stuffed after Zippy’s but still put away 4 chicken thighs (one of the greatest things about Hawaii is that most local eating places will ONLY serve chicken thighs!) while watching the fights.